The Benefit Of Wigs

Healthy hair is a want but for some it’s not at the top of our priority list. Most people have busy schedules and can’t really focus on maintaining hair health. Every now and then we can do a deep condition or a hair mask but that’s just a small gesture in the grand scheme of things. I’ve  written about other ways to maintain healthy hair such as heat protection and trimming your hair. Another way that I and many other women maintain our hair is with protective styling such as weave and more importantly wigs. Here are some of the benefits of wearing wigs.


Wearing wigs can bring on a variation of looks. You can change the color of your hair, whether it’s straight or curly, long or short. The look of your hair can be drastic or subtle depending on the look you are trying to achieve. With a wig you can be anybody with the snap of your fingers. One of the best things is that you can get Lace wigs. Lace wigs are wigs that the cap part looks like real scalp so it allows you to put all of your natural hair away leaving just the wig hair to be styled. You can get a lace front which is about 2-3 inches or more of parting space in the front. It also makes the hairline of the wig look natural. You can also get a full lace wig which gives you natural looking parting all over the wig. This allows you to style the hair in anyway you choose and makes the hair look a lot more natural.


A good wig is an investment. The reason being is that wig prices can range anywhere from $20-300 and more depending on the wig structure, the length of the hair, texture, and so much more. Now if you think about how much money is spent on hair extensions then a wig is a smart financial investment. Let me break it down for you: let’s say you buy hair extensions for $300. You pay to get them installed which is about $100-200 and that’s on the lower end of the spectrum. So that’s already about $500 and you have to spend that every lets say 2 months. So in a year you’ve spent as little as $3,000. With a nice quality wig you spend about $300 and you don’t have to buy another as long as you maintain it. You save about $2,000 if not more in that year.



How long a wig last depends on how well it’s taken care of. Wigs are much like your own hair. The things you wouldn’t do to your hair you shouldn’t do to a wig. Wigs can dyed and curled  but you want to minimize heat and chemical damage you put on the hair. The way the hair is stored is also a big way to maintain the wig. You don’t want to take it off and throw it on top of the dresser. You want to get a wig stand for each unit that you have. You want to detangle and wash each unit as often as needed. The way you take care of your wig will determine how long it will last.



You have synthetic hair and human hair. Synthetic is fake hair that can withstand some heat but not enough to style. Any heat higher than what’s recommended will ruin the hair. When I wear synthetic hair, I usually wear hair that is already styled. I wear curly hair that matches my hair texture and curl pattern. I like synthetic, curly hair because it’s low maintenance and all I have to do is fluff it out once it’s on. Human Hair can take heat. It can be curled, it can be straightened, it can be dyed, etc. It’s as if it’s your own hair. I usually like human hair for the versatility and the quality.

As you can see, buying a wig can be a little difficult and overwhelming. There are many websites that you can buy wigs from and many reviews on YouTube that you can watch as well. Below are is a list of sights that you can get wigs from:

Wigs are so easy and effortless!! Hopefully this was informative and it helped you with the decision making in buying a wig. I know that I love them. I think you will too!!

Remember Stay Well and Be Beautiful!


Fall Lookbook

1st Photo

It’s a sunny 91 degrees here in Arizona but technically it’s Autumn. Technically. “Sidd how do you guys incorporate fall trends?”.  Well luckily I have put together a couple of Day and Night looks to showcase how we style some fashionable fall trends.


Wide brimmed fedoras are a super cool way to start any outfit. They’re really the perfect staple piece. These types of hats can be dressed up or down depending on the event. You can really never go wrong with one of these hats.

Tank tops in the fall? You betcha! In warmer weather states it’s not cold or chilly but we have a wonderful breeze. A nice flowy tank top can be the thing for you. In the daytime bare those arms and at night when it does cool down pair it with a nice flannel or a jean jacket!

Loose fitting pants are airy and are easy to throw on. They are super comfy and can also be jazzed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. They can be black or you can add color by getting an emerald green or a deep red. Having multiple pair that taper off at the ankle for a more professional look or a wide legged pair for casual wear. Add a nice sandal or flat for daytime looks and a bootie or pump for night!


For an edgy night look, go for the gold with a multi layered necklace. It adds spunk and dresses the outfit up without overdoing it. This fall is all about mixed metals so throw in a some silver pieces with a bracelet or some stud earrings.

A heavy leather or jean jacket adds that rocker chic look to any outfit. If you’re in a warmer state like I am, draping the jacket over your shoulders can keep you cool while also looking cool.

Crop tops can be super sexy and super edgy. It can also add a flirtatious flare to what you’re wearing. Pair a crop with a wide legged or skinny pant. In the models case, we paired it with a double split skirt.

Speaking of said skirt, we added color to the look by using an olive toned piece. Olive/khaki toned items are big this fall and everyone wants to get their hands on a piece in these tones. What we did for the outfit is kept everything under the jacket form fitting to add a more textured look. We also paired the look with combat boots instead of a sandal or heel for comfortability and some extra edge!

Peanut car wall

A denim tunic used as a layering piece is a good way to keep it cute and casual. You can wear a dull one to showcase a colorful top or have it be your piece de resistance! The great thing about a piece like the denim tunic is that you can dye it or paint it in anyway you choose. You can really make it your own!

Denim on denim work in the fall and definitely work for this look! The secret to making the look work is to use to different types of denim. Here we have a darker, dull denim on top of a light, stonewashed pair of jeans. Add some black jelly bracelets to pull the look together.

Converse shoes or chucks as we call them, Add to the chill vibe of this outfit. They definitely add a laid back flare and can sometimes even be a conversation piece. Slip them on or tie them up, any way you wear them will add some style!

peanut night look 1

The 90’s are definitely back with this super hip night look!! What we did was took a super low key outfit and amped it up by adding a flannel a gold choker and some boots.

The flannel can be worn around the waist like the picture or can be put on as a layering piece. In a darker color like blue it can be used for night looks but you can use it in the day over a light colored outfit. The best thing about flannels is that you can literally get them anywhere. They’re super inexpensive as well so that’s a plus.

Instead of rocking your standard black choker necklace try out a chain one or one with color. It’s subtle but it adds some pizzazz. Here we have a gold chain choker and it brightens up the outfit and gives it a youthful touch.

We also added a gold cuff bracelet to also add some oomph. The openness of the cuff bracelet doesn’t weigh down the outfit like some closed/solid cuffs may. If you add some of the jelly bracelets it can add a 90’s chic sort of look.

Aleesia- Overalls

Overalls. It’s sort of like osh kosh for adults lol. They’re super comfy and can be worn with or without a cover up. you can pop a flannel on over the top or even underneath.the extra bagginess adds to the simple ,“lazy” chic look.

I kept the jewelry simple by adding geometric hoop earrings. I have them in a brassy color rather than gold to tone down the outfit. to this you can add the jelly bracelets as well but I kept it to a minimum.

I played up the makeup to make the outfit less “lazy” and more “easily put together”. With a winged eyeliner and lashes galore it will look like you wanted to take it easy while still looking pretty!

These are the super fun super cool ways we pull off some fall trends!! The best part is that you can get most of these items from local thrift stores! You can look trendy and you won’t go broke! Hopefully these looks inspired you to try your own version of fall trends!! Have fun!! Happy Fall!!

Stay Well and Be Beautiful!!

DIY Halloween: Witches Nails/Cat Claws

Halloween is quickly approaching and costumes can be very pricey. Of course you can buy your costume outright or you can DIY it like I do! The art of DIYing costumes is becoming more and more popular. Today’s DIY is pretty cool and is something you can wear all year round not just at Halloween!! 

What you’ll need:

edited product picture

Start off by finding a nail tip that fits each of your fingers. Apply nail glue to your  clean nail, as well as the nail tip. Place the nail tip on your nail and hold for 30 seconds or until the nail tip is completely bonded to your nail.20151010_211707

Cut the tip down. Wear your safety glasses.


Next start to shape the nail by cutting in an angle. Sometimes, its best to see how much you’re cutting if you cut the nail from underneath, as shown in the photo.


You then want to start filing down the nail to your desired shape. You can make your nails super pointy, or you can round them off. I chose to make mine more claw like for an edgier look! While filing your nails down make sure you’re wearing your safety glasses!!20151010_212003

They should look like this when finished.


 You want to paint the nails a dark color to keep with the claw like look. I chose a matte black because that’s what i had on hand.20151010_222033 

Make sure to paint underneath the nail to disguise where your nail ends and the nail tip begins.20151010_224412

Take a  cotton swab and some polish remover and clean around the edges to make it look more professional. 20151010_222623

At this point you can keep the nails and be done. I decided to add a bit of flare by taking a clear polish and adding sort of a french tip. Just sweep the clear polish in a diagonal motion on both sides and let dry. It’ll be a nice contrast to the matte color. 20151010_222108

After that you are all done!20151010_230026This is how they should look! These nails are a fun way to spice up your Halloween costume! Not only that but they are also a great way to stay on trend this fall season. These last about 1-2 weeks with regular movement and use of hands. However if you want them off sooner just soak nails in polish remover or acetone for a couple of minutes and they should come off effortlessly. Have fun creating this look!!!

Remember Stay well and Be Beautiful!

A Week With Nerium

Hello Beauties!! It has been a long, loooooonnnggg while since I posted!! Trust me when I say I have been putting in WORK! In the midst of everything I have been doing, I was able to connect and work with an amazing skincare company called Nerium! I was given the opportunity to sample several products over a seven day period and instantly fell in love!!! I wanted to share my experience with you all.

Let me preface this by saying I was not paid to write this blog nor to use the product. I also had not previously heard of Nerium and had done no research on the company prior to using the products. I went in with no real expectation. If anything I was definitely prepared for the worst being that my skin is sensitive and there isn’t much I can use on my face without have a reaction. 

How I came about trying Nerium

I was contacted by Michelle to try out a couple of products from the line. We met and I was asked to try the Age-Defying day and night cream, Eye Serum, and the Eye-V Moisture Boost patches. I have always had minor issues with my skin. Little things that I didn’t like so I was definitely willing to try it. I wanted to see if it could help minimize the appearance of my pores  and help with my oily skin. It was explained to use the cream every morning and every evening. I was to use 4-5 pumps to cover my full face and neck. I had to make sure my face and neck were moist and I would know it was working when my face started to feel tight.  The eye patches were to be worn for 20 minutes and i would see results and it was not to be used in conjunction with the Eye Serum. With that information as well as a magazine and video to watch, Michelle and I made and agreement to meet in seven days and we parted ways.

My Experience

I started using the product immediately. That night I used the night cream and next morning I used the day cream. The first morning I could not see a difference but I could feel that my skin was a bit smoother and that my makeup applied a bit easier. I was still oily but to me that was  to be expected. I went throughout my day and that night I again used the serum as directed. I also quickly realized that I only needed about 3-4 pumps to cover that entire area. The next morning my skin looked differently. A bit brighter, as I suffer with hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks due to acne. The more I use the product the less oily I became and the more comfortable I was wearing no makeup on some days(it was also good to just get a break from makeup). Wednesday (feb. 1st) I used the Eye Serum. Immediately I saw results. It cleared any fine lines i may have had in a matter of minutes. Yes, I said minutes. Thursday I used the eye patches and again I saw very quick results! My eyes felt hydrated and supple. Over the next couple of days my skin became more firm, my pores appeared smaller and my skin was way less oily. Even now that I am no longer using the product my skin has not reverted.

My Opinion

I absolutely enjoy this product. I believe that the product delivers fast results and it’s relatively easy to use. I also really like how it’s not just geared toward women. Men also enjoy using Nerium. Now…(there’s always a now or a but lol) we all know that skincare of any kind can get pricey. Nerium is no different. This is a very exclusive, high end product which makes it hard to continue the regimen on my tight budget. However this is definitely a product I would consider purchasing in the future.

How Nerium works

Straight from the website:

“Each of our products include exclusive ingredients that provide multifunctional benefits.

FACE and BODY Products

  • Address both the signs of aging, as well as the underlying causes
  • Target free radical damage with powerful antioxidants
  • Boost the cell renewal process to reveal younger-looking skin

MIND Products

  • Exclusive & patented EHT molecule promotes better cognitive function, memory and overall wellness (1).”


There is a patented science behind how these products are made and developed.

You can purchase the Nerium products online You can choose to buy the products once OR  you can choose the auto delivery option. With auto delivery you’ll be paying about  $20-$100 less than the regular price and you’ll be guaranteed product every month.

I really enjoyed meeting with Michelle and using Nerium. I recommend looking into the company and seeing if what they offer is right for you! I missed you guys and I will be coming with more content soon!! Oh btw I got engaged!!!!! I don’t know if I told you guys or not!! I will be coming to you guys with tons of wedding things!! Hope you all enjoyed this!

Remember Stay Well and Be Beautiful!

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Birthday/Christmas Wishlist 2

Last year I put out a wishlist of things I wanted for my birthday and Christmas. This year I’m doing a round two. I mostly like to focus on affordable makeup and products however for the wish list, I like to showcase some splurge items.  This is a birthday/Christmas wishlist so it’s okay to add some items of a higher price range. Plus quality items deserve a bit of an investment. If you’d like to see what’s on my wishlist this year or add some items to yours, keep on reading!!

The inner merbabe in me couldn’t pass these up when I saw them!! This 12 piece brush set comes rolled in a holographic case and each brush is handcrafted and finished. Spectrum Collections is a vegan & cruelty free company so you know these are quality brushes! Included in the set are five large brushes and seven small brushes! With these brushes, you’ll be guaranteed to have a face so flawless all the merboys will come to the yard.


Here’s another goodie from Spectrum Collections!! This is the smaller version of the aforementioned set!! Instead of all 12 brushes, you get seven eye brushes. You still get to be a hottie while focusing on creating the most fierce eye looks!! Make them all look babe!!!


With this true brown lip color, you’ll be all the rage. Colourpop is doing something amazing with this ultra matte lip. Leaving your lips feeling hydrated, your color will stay put all night!! Sip that drink and kiss a cutie because your lipstick isn’t going anywhere.


Back at it again with Colourpop!! The next 7 products are from the company! When I find a brand that truly works for me then I tend to stick to it. And when I don’t have it, I HAVE to get it.


A cool-toned burgundy. Perfect for the fall and winter!

I Heart This

You will really heart this shimmery taupe color! Use this to highlight your inner corner or just to add oomph to your look!


This shadow will awaken you’re inner bad girl! This smoky black will give you CBGB but the blue glitter will give you Cinderella at the ball. Either way you’re gonna be the baddest wherever you are with Rex completing your look.


Bae is a favorite of mine because I already own it! This creamy purple duo chrome will definitely have you feeling right. The best thing is that you can pair it with another shadow or wear it by itself! How ever you decide to wear it, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Dance Party

This shadow looks exactly how it sounds. It’s seriously a party on the eyes. With the multi glitter, you can be your own disco ball and have the party lit…literally lol

Lights Out

Lights out is definitely the opposite of it’s name. It’s so bright and vibrant you’ll think the lights are on. This gold metallic color can be paired with your fav lipstick or can be worn on it’s own! Be bold and wear it on it’s on lol.


If you want a fall color but not a traditional fall color or you just want somebody to fall for you, kapow is your lip color. With this cool toned grey you are gonna drop jaws and rock worlds!


You get a natural glam! You get an natural glam! Everybody gets a natural glam!! Oprah approves of this warm, natural palette from Morphe. With multiple colors you can create several different naturally glamorous looks and rock the crowd. Get it, rock. Lol rock as in natural lol. Ahh you get it.


Another great gem (lol because of rock. Because of natural) from Morphe. These gem toned colors will really set you apart from the rest. You can create soft looks or go bold with these highly pigmented colors. Hopefully it’s the latter. Be bright and be bold is what I always say.

Hopefully the wish list helps you buy and choose gifts!!! Thanks for reading. Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!!!!

Remember Stay well and Be beautiful!

Sugary Sweet

When you think of Halloween you think of Dia de los Muertos. When you think of Dia de los Muertos you think of cute little sugar skulls. At least that’s part of my thought process. Sugar skulls are really in at the moment but they’ve been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. So much so that I think I’ve been a variation of one for Halloween for at least the past 5 years. It’s a simple costume and it can be worn with anything you have in your closet! If you’d like to see how to achieve this look stay tuned.

It’s best to start with a freshly cleansed and moisturized face. It’s also a good practice to map out the eyes, nose, and mouth area. I didn’t do that in this tutorial but looking back i would  have.


Take white face paint on a sponge and pat that on the face. You want to get as much coverage as possible. Don’t drag it because that will cause streaks.

After you are done applying the face paint, powder the face with a white or translucent powder. I recommend white just in case the face paint did not fully cover the face. The white powder will cover any sparse areas.

Take a black face paint or eyeliner and draw and fill in the eyes and nose. You can cover the brows so that they are not showing. For the nose you only want to draw on the tip. Draw an upside down heart and fill that in. Set the face paint with a black eye shadow to make sure there won’t be any creasing. 

Once all that is finished we can start detailing the face. I usually start with the accent on they forehead. Most often I will draw the simple spider web but this time I ended up drawing what could be interpreted as leaves or a flower. Take a black eye shadow on an angled detail brush and start drawing in the shape. Overlap the petals/leaves as to not make the design so “perfect”. You also want to draw half circles or “petals” around the eyes. 

Apply a lipstick on the lips and elongate the mouth. You can use any color you choose. I decide to go with purple. Set that with the same color eye shadow and draw the stitches on the mouth.

Add in color around the petals on the eye. Start to fill in the flowers with the colors of your choice. Draw vines on the chin and in the flowers.

Line the eyes and any place that was missed with the face paint. Even though face paint is non toxic you want to keep it way from the inner rim of the eye. Apply thick lashes. Line the crease with white for added detail.

Add a multi colored glitter to the lips and the crease to accentuate the look. Finish the face by curling the lashes and add any wanted colors and details.

Braid and pin the hair back. Take roses and pin them on the hair in a crown type fashion. add your favorite shawl and the look is complete! Hopefully you all enjoy this look. Happy Halloween! Have fun and be safe!

Remember Stay Well and Be Beautiful!!

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Black Cat

It’s October so that basically means it’s Halloween and I’m getting into the spirit early! I love all things October and Halloween and I love to dress up. I usually buy different costumes and dress up multiple times around Halloween but we all know how pricey that can be. Today I’m going to DIY a costume for you. It’s one of the easiest costumes and you can customize it how you’d like. If you’d like to see how I transform into a black cat stay tuned!

I’m going to start with my foundation and concealer already done.

I’m going to place a my transition color down and blend that out. In the outer corner of the eye place a red color in a ‘c’ shape.

Start to make the shape of an elongated cat eye with a dark brown color. Extend that out past your eyebrow almost into your temple. Place a black shadow in the crease. You also want to wing that shadow out.

Take a gold cream shadow and apply that to the mobile lid. Try to keep that out of the crease. Set that with a light gold powder.

Go back into the crease and freshen up the black shadow. Define the line and really cut the crease with that shadow. Blend that shadow up slightly.



Moving on to the face, I’m going to contour my face. I’m taking a black liner and filling in the bottom of my nose, right above my lip, and my top lip.  On either side of the black line, add a light colored shadow to add dimension. After the light colored shadow use the black liner again and add your whiskers.

Line your eyes with liquid liner. Wing out both corners to get the “cat eye” effect. Cats eyes are long and most often almond shaped. That’s the look you want to go for.


Add a black line on the bottom lash line to further elongate the eye. Fill in the brows with a dark colored shadow.

Add your favorite pair of lashes and that completes the makeup look. Don’t forget to to set any liner with black eye shadow.

To finish everything off put your hair into two buns to make your cat ears. Put on some black leggings and a form fitting shirt. Paint you nails black or added effect.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this. I can’t wait to do more Halloween costumes for you all!!!

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Remember Stay Well and Be Beautiful!!


DIY Vanity

Hello Beauties!! It’s been awhile! I’ve really missed you guys!! I’ve been really enjoying school and learning new techniques and concepts!

I really wanted to show you guys how to build a vanity with materials that are inexpensive or even from around your house. I got the idea to show you guys how to build/organize a vanity after running across MakeSpace. MakeSpace is an on-demand self-storage service that picks up, stores, and delivers all the items you need.Through the use of their app you can tell them to bring you whatever you need out of storage whenever! Hopefully this post can inspire you beauties to build your very own, super cool vanity.


Start by getting rid of any makeup that is expired or that you don’t use. It’s good to start with a clean slate to get an idea of how you want your setup to be. Choose an area in your home that has a ton of natural light. Natural light is the best for seeing the progress of your makeup or hair.

If you already have a desk use that. I used a long folding table from Walmart as my table. To spice up the table and to keep my mirror stable I placed some white fur down. I got some mini fur rugs from the 99 cent only store but you can get any fur that is inexpensive. Tape them down so they don’t move around.

Take a mirror that you’re not using or you want to re-purpose and prop that up on the wall. I decided not to hang my mirror because I live in an apartment and want to minimize nail holes in the walls but feel free to hang if you like. I also placed my mirror horizontally because it maximizes mirror space. You can also use the command strip hooks to also avoid holes in the wall.

I then took a basket shelf that I bought from Ross and spray painted the baskets gold. I let them dry for a full 24 hours. The top basket will hold my palettes and my lashes. The bottom basket will have my sponges, my foundation, and any tools.

I purchased some containers from Target and in the bottom I hot glued some textured gold paper. This is to add consistency to the vanity’s overall look. One container will hold my lip pencils another slightly larger container will hold cotton balls and the last container will hold my six favorite lipsticks. In the last container, I housed my mascara, eyeliners, and lash glues.

Instead of  using a typical container to hold my brushes I found a mini galvanized tub at Michael’s craft store on sale. Fill the bottom of the tub up halfway with some clear vase fillers to make the brushes stand up.

For some added decor I made two collage type pictures out of scrapbook paper and hung them on the wall. To add some greenery, I bought a potted fake succulent and put it in a glass  trifle dish. The pot of the Succulent is white and it has some sea horses and shells on it. i painted those gold to give it a fancier look.  To finish off the space, I spray painted a lamp that I had white. I hung that right above the mirror.

I added links to most of the products I used or something similar however some of the prices in the links are not accurate to what I paid. I shop on sale and on clearance in different stores. I would definitely recommend going into the actual stores to see what’s on sale. Stores like Ross and TJ Maxx offer good deals on home decor. Search the sale/clearance section at different craft stores and see what they have at your local dollar store. Thrift stores would also be a good resource to utilize. You never know what you might find!!!

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Hopefully you all have been inspired!! Don’t forget to check out MakeSpace!!

Remember to Stay Well and Be Beautiful!

Autumn Leaves

Hello Beauties!! I am seriously missing the Autumn season. I love all the colors and the weather and the food! I miss the smell and of course my favorite holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving) . I just miss everything about it. I wanted to bring Fall back by using the the colors of  the season. It was definitely easy to fall in love with Fall all over again just by creating this look! If you would like to see how this look is done keep on reading!

Start the look off by priming the eyes. We’re using bright colors and priming the eye will help those colors adhere to the lids as well as help the colors last. Blend that primer up toward the brow bone as well as underneath the eye.

Set the brow bone to crease area with a skin toned shadow.

Take a medium brown color and place that in the crease. Blend that color out thoroughly. This will be your transition color. This will help you to blend all the other colors you place in that area.

Taking a brown/burgundy/eggplant colored shadow, run that along the area where you put the transition color. Blend that color up and out.

Taking a white cream shadow, carve out an elongated wing shape. The white base will help make the colors stand out and be brighter. This step can be skipped if you wanted to go for a muted look. You can also set this with a white or translucent powder for long lasting wear. I didn’t do that.

Starting off with a marigold color, pat that on the inner third of the mobile lid. Patting the color on will decrease fallout from the shadow.

Next, in the center of the lid, pat on an orange color. Once that color is on, blend that in with the first color. This will eliminate any harsh lines and make the colors seem like they’re fading into each other.

Last, take a burnt red color and finish filling in the white area. Again, blend this in to the last color for a seamless transition. If you lose any of the colors go back and reapply, making sure you’re blending in between colors.

Go back in and darken the crease area, line your eyes with a thin line, add lashes and mascara.

Do your face routine and eyebrows. My face routine is foundation, concealer, powder, bronze, contour, highlight.

Back to the eyes, add a shimmery highlight to the inner corners and a bit underneath the arch of the brow.

To complete the look, line the lips in a deep purple color. Taking a red liner, fill in the rest of the lip for an ombre effect. Blend the colors together and you’re finished!

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Does this look not remind you of Fall? I love this look so much. I’m highly anticipating the return of Autumn so that I can wear this look to school. Btw, I’ll be starting at Aveda Institutes exactly a week from today in the cosmetology program. Wish me luck!

Remember to stay well and be beautiful!! 


Hello Beauties!! For this look I wanted to get metallic and shiny. I have always been into matte looks but this year I’m willing to explore. I kept the colors neutral so that this can be a semi wearable look however you can go as bright and bold as you like. Here’s how to get this look. 

Start off by filling in and defining the brows. Set the brow bone to crease area with a skin toned highlight.

Take a warm toned color and use that in the crease as a transition color.

Take a brown shadow and place that on the outer and inner corners of the eye. Make sure that the color doesn’t connect in the center.

Blend out that color with a fluffy brush. In the inner corner blend upward toward the brow.

Take the first color and place it in the empty space between the brown shadow. Place the second color and pat that on the mobile lid in the center to brighten the center.

Place those shimmery colors in the inner corner as well.

Smoke out the bottom lash line and the place the same shimmery colors on  the center of the bottom lash line.

Line the eye in black, put on your favorite lashes, and place mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Moving on to the face, place a peachy blush on the cheeks. Highlight the face with your favorite highlight. I ended up using three different highlights but if you want to keep it wearable just the one is fine.

For the lips, add shimmer to them before lining them. Line the lips with a brown liner. Fill the lips in with a light nude color and blend that into the liner. Add more shimmer to the lips to finish them off.

To make this look shine brighter add highlight to the nose, the brow area, and anywhere else you might think to add a highlight. I always end up adding shimmer to the eyes as well. Hopefully you all like this look. I LOVE this look and I see myself wearing it often.

Remember stay well and be beautiful!

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