Nicka K 23 Perfect Matte Colors

Hello Beauties! I recently got my hands on the Nicka K 23 Perfect Matte ColorsĀ palette and I decided to create a look with it. It cost about $4.00 and the colors are super pigmented. You can only find this palette in certain stores but there are similar palettes on the website. If you’d like to see the look, keep on reading!

First prime the eye and set it with a neutral colored eye shadow. Take that color all over the eye and up into the brow bone.

You then want to take a transition color into the crease of your eye. This will help the other colors blend effortlessly.

Starting from the inner corner and moving out, place a golden yellow, a rich orange in the center of the eye, and red on the outer corner.

Define the crease further by adding a dark brown color.

Repeat the process on the bottom lid and add some purple to the outer corner.

Take the same neutral color and sweep that on the brow bone to add a natural highlight.

Line the eye, add your favorite pair of lashes, and add mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Line the lips and fill them in with the first lip color. Take the second color and dab that in the center of the lip. Blend that center color in to ombre the color.

Add a highlight to the face.

Take the same highlight and add that into the inner corner of the eye to finish the look.

Hope you all enjoyed the look!!! I absolutely love this palette and I will be using it for more looks!

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Have a lovely week!! Stay well and be beautiful!!



One thought on “Nicka K 23 Perfect Matte Colors

  1. Reblogged this on Eccentric and Bent and commented:
    I enjoy makeup blogs even if I don’t like wearing makeup often. Because I don’t wear makeup often, I don’t want to make large monetary outlays to procure product. For me, expensive makeup just doesn’t make a lot of sense. I will buy reliable powders and foundations but I’m not spending over $15 per item. (My goal is to be able to custom create these items for my skin color, tone, and shade.) I buy all of my eye shadows, mascara, liners, lipsticks/glosses from beauty supply shops, dollar stores and hood clothing stores. I don’t always know how to create new looks. I tend to stick with a look that is minimal based on my high school look of liner, mascara and gloss. Most makeup blogs tend to be a bit pricy for my taste. They also tend to use every product known to the makeup world. That is why I am so glad that I found the Beauty By Sidd blog. While some of her looks fit right in with the rest of the crowd, she also has some minimalist looks. And no matter which end of the spectrum she’s playing in, the products are always affordable to a stay at home mom of seven or a 16 year old high schooler.
    This particular post was inspired by an eye shadow palette that cost around $4. I really like the look. It is light and natural. The colors call to mind the hazy colors of late spring or early summer. Best of all it looks easy to do. Check it out.


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